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New Mom And Pop Stores: How Do You Sell Tobacco Safely?

If you plan to open up and operate a small mom-and-pop store soon, you may want to sell a variety of products. You may even decide to sell tobacco products. But before you can contact vendors for the tobacco products you need, you must learn more about selling tobacco. You must also become licensed in your state to sell tobacco. The following information can help you sell tobacco products in your store safely.

Who Can You Sell Tobacco To?

Tobacco products, such as snuff and cigarettes, require special consideration before you sell them. You can't sell tobacco products to anyone under 21 years of age. If the authorities or state officials catch you selling tobacco products to anyone under the required age limit, they'll fine you or shut down your store.

You want to card anyone who wishes to purchase cigarettes and other tobacco products from your store. Customers must provide an unexpired driver's license or state identification card at the time of purchase. If a customer doesn't provide evidence of their age, avoid the transaction.

You must also be licensed to sell tobacco in your store.

Why Do You Need a Tobacco License?

Every retailer that sells tobacco products must obtain a license to do so. The license contains everything you need to stay in compliance with your state's laws, including your store's number and location. You also must obtain a license for each individual store you open or operate.

You must apply for a tobacco license before you sell the products in your store. You may apply online for your license, or you may apply in person. It may be faster and easier to apply online.

Before you apply online, be sure to:

Your state may have its own laws and requirements you must follow regarding selling tobacco in your store. If needed, contact your state to learn more about its laws regarding tobacco products and how to sell them.

The state must know exactly where your store is at all times. The information keeps you from experiencing any issues with receiving your license. 

You may or may not need to apply for more than one tobacco license. Some states require you to have a license for each type of tobacco product you sell. The company providing your credentials can help you choose the right license for your store.

If you need assistance or information on how to obtain a tobacco license, reach out to a tobacco licensing assistance provider today.