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Six Things You Shouldn't Assume When It Comes To Rye Whisky

Rye whisky is a classic and popular spirit that is used to produce many cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Sazerac. If you're supplying your bar with rye whisky, you should be well-informed about what rye whisky is and how it can be used. 

Unfortunately, there are some inaccurate assumptions that are frequently made about rye whisky. The following are six things you shouldn't assume when it comes to rye whisky. 

It always has a spicy taste.

Rye whiskies produced by different distillers can differ significantly in terms of taste. While some varieties of rye whisky will feature a hot and spicy taste, others might offer a taste that is softer. 

It is not true whisky.

Some people think that rye is not true whisky. However, any spirit that is made by distilling a malted grain is technically a whisky. Whiskies can be produced from both malted barley and rye. This means that rye whisky is just as much a whisky as scotch or bourbon. 

It is always made in Canada.

Rye whisky has long been associated with Canada because the first distillers in Canada typically used rye grain to produce whisky. However, there are American rye distillers out there. A whisky does not have to be produced in Canada in order for it to be considered rye whisky. 

All of them taste more or less the same.

There are numerous rye whisky styles out there from among which you can choose when you buy this type of whisky. The flavor of rye whisky tends to vary depending on the region in which it was produced. 

When it comes to American rye whiskies, two of the main styles are Monongahela-style rye whisky and Maryland-style rye whisky. Monongahela-style whisky is associated with a higher percentage of rye grains and therefore a more prominent and spicy rye taste. 

It is always used as a cocktail ingredient.

While rye whisky is an essential ingredient in many cocktails, rye whisky is not consumed uniquely in mixed drinks. Rye whisky can also be a great spirit to drink straight. If you are a fan of the taste of rye whisky in cocktails, you should give rye whisky a try on the rocks. 

American rye whisky is the same thing as bourbon.

It's not uncommon for people to think that American rye whisky is the same thing as bourbon. However, bourbon is distinct from rye whisky because it is made mostly from corn rather than rye.  

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