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6 Things You Shouldn't Assume About Joining A Craft Whiskey Club

Joining a craft whiskey club is a great idea if you're interested in being exposed to more whiskey varieties. Don't make inaccurate assumptions that discourage you from joining a craft whiskey club.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about joining a craft whiskey club.

You'll only get common whiskeys that you've already tried.

If you've already sampled the most basic types of whiskey, you might think that joining a craft whiskey club will just result in your being sent whiskeys that you've already tried. However, this is not usually the case.

Craft whiskey clubs typically send out lesser-known whiskeys from smaller distilleries, so it's likely that you won't already be familiar with the whiskeys that you get. 

You can't have whiskey shipped to your home.

While it's true that hard liquor cannot be delivered directly to a residence in some states, laws in many states have changed significantly in recent years when it comes to hard liquor home delivery.

You should check the rules in your state before assuming that being a member of a craft whiskey club is not possible if it involves home deliveries. Even if hard liquor delivery to residences is not allowed in your area, you still may be able to sign up for a craft whiskey club and arrange to have deliveries sent to a local liquor store. 

It doesn't matter which whiskey club you join.

Look into the details to find the right craft whiskey club for your unique preferences. Some whiskey clubs focus on Scotch, Canadian whiskey, or Bourbon, while others will send you a mix of all these whiskey types. 

You'll only be given one choice regarding the quantity of whiskey you get.

You might think that you won't have much say in how much whiskey you're sent. This might lead you to believe that you'll get either too much or too little whiskey as a club member.

Many craft whiskey clubs will actually allow you to select from a few different quantity choices so that you can specify how much whiskey you'll receive as a member. 

You won't be able to interact with others in your craft whiskey club.

Craft whiskey clubs often have in-person events and online forums. Events and forums give you an opportunity to interact with other club members regarding your opinions and preferences regarding the whiskeys you receive. 

You won't be able to make suggestions about what types of whiskey you receive.

Craft whiskey clubs typically welcome input from members. You can send in suggestions on the types or varieties of whiskey you'd like to see included in your club subscription.